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Article: The regenerative journey - overall and with a meditation angle

Den regenerative rejse - overordnet og med meditationsvinkel

The regenerative journey - overall and with a meditation angle

We have decided to go regenerative from January 2024

It's a decision that has been a long time coming and it all started with me, Joy (who founded The Organic Company back in 2007) reading Laura Storm and Giles Hutchins' book "Regenerative Leadership" in 2020/2021 and taking the year-long course of the same name by Laura Storm in 2022.

Regenerative is the opposite of degenerative. And when you look at the state of the planet and of man in general, we humans have managed to create a degenerate state. Now take the planetary boundaries where the critical transgressions are man-made. And created by a degenerate behavior.

the planetary boundaries

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Working regeneratively means having a fundamental and holistic approach to all parts of one's business. We have divided ours into 4 elements and transparently we want to share our journey towards a completely regenerative company with you.

Organization - within 1 year

Production - within 3 years

Transport - within 2 years

IT and office - within 2 years

We are building on top of what we are and have today, where some areas are already regenerative.

For example, our meditation practice.

We meditate together twice a week and start many meetings, including board meetings with meditation.

Why is it regenerative? Because working regeneratively starts with ourselves and includes the whole person. And when we here in the west are born into and surrounded by busyness, a meditation or something else meditative can make us less busy and maybe even present. And being present is a regenerative state in itself (whereas a stressed state is degenerative, for example).


We are currently working on moving the office out together with an organic farming company and I imagine how we will meditate outside with our hands in the soil.

Can you imagine that?

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