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"Earth Overshoot Day" marks the date when humanity's demand for natural resources in a given year exceeds what the earth can regenerate in that year. In the last 50 years we have used far more resources than our earth can regenerate.

This is what overconsumption looks like, the way we use the earth's resources must be controlled. To do that, we all (governments, businesses and consumers) need a set of resource principles, guidelines and specific actions.

That's how we see it. And we have solutions and ideas to move forward.

References: Earth Overshoot Day WWF Australia

Did you know?

All our packaging is made from recycled resources.

The plastic we use is 100% recycled PE and PP and the paper band around the products is made from 100% recycled paper.

5 Key Behavioral Actions That Matter

Recycle instead of creating more waste, this means no or less disposable items. It requires some planning, such as bringing shopping bags, coffee mugs and drinking bottles to take with you when you go out.

Give away things you no longer need (clothes, kitchen items, etc.). And buy recycled when you can. Large scale recycling is primarily a government/business issue and more progress is needed, but you can help in your local area. The recycling facilities can vary greatly from country to country and also from material to material.

Refuse to buy (most) new things: Do you really need it? And borrow instead of buying whenever possible. Finally, refuse disposable items (straws, napkins, bags, etc.) when offered; bring your own for a picnic or when you need to take your coffee with you, for shopping and so on.

A virtue and a skill that was almost lost a few generations ago. We love to see that this is a new trend and suggest using some of the Japanese sewing techniques like Sashiko to repair your beloved items (lots of how-to videos on YouTube)

That mountain of trash. We need to buy less and better. And think about it. Instead of buying 10 cheap T-shirts, buy one or two really nice ones that will last a long time. And if you have a hole in something, repair it (beautifully, so you get a unique piece with a story ...)

Our two-pronged mission and resource principles

At The Organic Company, we have a two-pronged mission:
1. We want all agriculture to be organic - no more destructive production.
2. Smaller and better - because we're geeks, right?

And these are our resource principles:
1. Recycle when possible.
2. If new, then organic, biodegradable, FSC or equivalent.
3. If organic, then certified.
4. Always buy less and better.

Do you see how important that is? We believe in responsible business, which can be a necessary game changer.

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