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The Organic Company CALM TerryPlain 200 Natural whiteThe Organic Company CALM TerryPlain 200 Natural white
The Organic Company CALM TerryPlain 340 Dusty lavenderThe Organic Company CALM TerryPlain 340 Dusty lavender
FINE Bathrobe - ClayFINE Bathrobe - Clay
FINE Bathrobe - Clay Sale price$103.12
FINE Bathrobe - Light BeigeFINE Bathrobe - Light Beige
FINE Bathrobe - Light Beige Sale price$103.12
FINE Bathrobe - SummerFINE Bathrobe - Summer
FINE Bathrobe - Summer Sale price$103.12
The Organic Company Big Waffle Bathrobe Big Waffle 202 StoneThe Organic Company Big Waffle Bathrobe Big Waffle 202 Stone
The Organic Company Big Waffle Bathrobe Big Waffle 110 Dark greyThe Organic Company Big Waffle Bathrobe Big Waffle 110 Dark grey
Waffle bathrobe - Dark grey Sale price$192.14


Waffled bathrobe in organic cotton

Welcome to The Organic Company where we are proud to be able to present another delicious product in our chunky and soft big waffle series, namely our big waffle bathrobe for both men and women. As with all of our products, the bathrobe is produced with a focus on creating the perfect balance between functionality, well-being and design.

At The Organic Company, the environment is very important to us. We have developed all our products based on a vision that we would like to help take responsibility for the future of our planet. That's why our waffle bathrobe is produced in 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton and is a sustainable alternative to inferior conventional cotton. The fact that we only deal with GOTS-certified suppliers is your guarantee that the textiles you buy from us are actually produced from organic cotton. GOTS does not only focus on ecology - a GOTS certification also includes both ethical and social requirements for the entire production chain. The GOTS certification is therefore both a guarantee for ecology, but also for social responsibility.

Also think about the health in that what we have close to our skin is clean and without boring chemistry. Our skin is our largest organ and eagerly absorbs what is close at hand. Many measurements show that conventionally grown cotton products have residues from both pesticides, heavy metals and other problematic products from production. So organic cotton is not only better for the environment, drinking water and biodiversity, it is also much better for our health.

Self-pampering every day with a cotton bathrobe

The cotton bathrobe is not only created based on the idea that it should be practical - that is, that it is of good quality and has a long shelf life - it is also a small piece of luxury in itself. The exclusive waffle weave with its three-dimensional effect helps to create a warm and cozy feeling, and you can use the bathrobe to your advantage both at home, in the spa and when you travel. It is suitable for both summer and winter - and can be used both inside and outside.

The cotton waffle bathrobe is super soft It is made for self-pampering and to create a spa-like experience at home, but also to give a feeling of well-being every day and not just on special occasions. Our waffle bathrobe has super absorbent properties if you want to use it directly after the bath.

The bathrobe for both men and women

With a focus on a classic and timeless design that is inspired by clean Nordic lines, our waffle bathrobe is designed for both men and women. The bathrobe has a comfortable fit with a good length and long sleeves. The cotton bathrobe comes in two sizes S/M and M/L. It has double straps for the belt that sit one above the other on each side of the bathrobe. This means that the bathrobe is highly adjustable and can be used by everyone.

At The Organic Company, we have a wide selection of organic and sustainable products in bath and wellness - all in super delicious quality. In addition to our unisex bathrobe, you can find, among other things, large, delicious towels, waffle washcloths, makeup pads that can be used again and again, and soft and delicious bath mats in many different colors. You can advantageously mix different styles and colors together with products from our Fine or Wellness series to achieve the perfect imperfect look.