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Article: All around: Balance, fif, our water and face scrub 💚

Rundt om det hele: Balance, fif, vores vand og ansigtsskrub 💚

All around: Balance, fif, our water and face scrub 💚

A nice JOURNAL about us by our friends, Yrolí

Yrolí is a responsible Danish brand that creates effective skin care. Yrolí inspires quality and encourages less consumption and simple routines with a skin care philosophy based on a "one layer philosophy", where you get healthy skin with a few effective layers, preferably just one. Yrolí
is a blue beauty brand with a 360 degree focus on responsibility. With an emphasis on natural ingredients, the latest research and uncompromising quality, Yrolí thus connects skin care with responsibility for people and the environment.

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What if we left a planet in (better) balance for our children and future grandchildren? And a planet in balance, how do you get that? And what does that mean? And how do we get there? Where do we start?
That is what Joy Vasiljev, Founder of The Organic Company, offers. Read her exciting perspectives here. At the bottom you can read why Yrolí uses easily biodegradable ingredients.
The Organic Company designs and supplies everyday products for the home in the kitchen, bath, wellness, bags, relaxation and meditation. Everything is produced under orderly conditions and is environmentally friendly. In addition, all products are designed and manufactured to have a long life.
Joy Vasiljev, Founder of The Organic Company


My own journey

I started The Organic Company almost 16 years ago and am still on a journey. A journey without knowledge that turns into insight. A meaningful journey. My ikigai I would like to say. The latest that makes good sense to me and that I am practicing is Regenerative Leadership. And "regenerative" means to repair, to heal or to heal. And that is what we need more of on this planet. Think about it..

Relationships; privately, in the workplace and between nations need healing in many places. The nature; biodiversity, the aquatic environment and the climate need to be healed in many places. All in all, big and small need to be healed in all possible places at all possible times.

And that's what I've come to now. It's about access . If we all learned to use the regenerative approach at school and at home, we would use it as a starting point in all of life's challenges. Imagine if all conflicts, crises and imbalances were approached with "how can we best restore the balance here".

How beautiful is that approach?

It is a holistic approach that aims for balance. As in yin yang - the principle of duality. We are generally out of balance - isn't that right? We, especially in the West, must recognize it in order to do something about it. For example, we have too much yang in the world (the creative, achievements, goals, material, appearance, chores, etc.) and it eats away at us. Just think about how large parts of our society; education and profession are built on performance. We need more yin (rest, stability, slowness, etc.) to achieve a harmonious balance.

Joy Vasiljev, Founder of The Organic Company



We know that there are MANY imbalances on this earth, we as individuals or small group cannot solve them all. So focus. Take a topic and know something more. I call it "choose your sustainability cap". Learn from the scholars. Go in depth. One topic at a time. And act based on your focus.


We have lost connection with nature, ourselves and each other. Feel for and look for the connection and connectedness. The ego era is over.


You can't get to the finish line alone, and we are pack animals after all. So think in relationships, think in groups, think in community. And honor the community. Have a humble approach to the community. Imagine seeing the earth and all of us humans from a good distance out in space - here we will look like small identical dots, standing close together. And I guess that's what we are - little dots that are connected. So let's drop the self-celebration and rest in fellowship. Respect the community and cultivate it.


So where do you start?

Set your intention; will you or won't you be a better version of yourself tomorrow than yesterday?

Decide on a topic: Ecology, social inequality, plastic in the world's oceans, incorrect use of resources or another topic. There is enough to take off. However, remember one subject (at a time).

And it beats something. Yes, it does. Just try for a month. Maybe you have saved 2 birds, 3 kg of plastic or our drinking water from more poison. Maybe you have felt joy and meaning. Perhaps you have felt an inner balance? And then imagine if we are many millions of people who follow suit. Think about it.

And hey, if you ever feel bad about working with an imbalance, promise me to embrace the bad thoughts and think that doing a little is better than nothing.


No one can do everything, but we can all do something.


Our water

Joy encourages us to take up one topic at a time. In Yrolí, we would like to have awareness linked to our natural water environment and the damage that is happening.

The beauty and clothing industry plays a significant role in the pollution of our water environment. This is due to, among other things, that quantities of chemicals are used that end up in our waterways and marine environments, where they have negative effects on both marine life and ecosystems. The same applies to microplastic particles that end up in the aquatic environment and cause serious damage to marine organisms, as they can be mistaken for food items and accumulate in the food chain .


Our water environment, including our drinking water, is negatively and strongly affected by many of the pesticides that are used all year round on the fields. The pesticides slowly seep down through the different soil layers. And since an unimaginable number of pesticides are used virtually everywhere on the planet, our water is exposed all the time. For that reason alone, you should choose organic.

In a GOTS certified cotton production, approx. 91% less added water is used compared to a conventional cotton production. And NO pesticides or dangerous chemicals are used at all.
When we at Yrolí formulate our skin care products, the choice of ingredients is of crucial importance. We are dedicated to choosing easily biodegradable ingredients that take into account our natural aquatic environment. As part of our Blue Beauty commitment, we source ingredients from wild harvest, organic sources and natural sources. We try to avoid ingredients that originate from vulnerable biotopes and only choose synthetic ingredients when it is more ethical, environmentally friendly or safe.


One of the most harmful ingredients for our marine environment is microplastics. These small pieces of plastic, less than five millimeters long, accumulate in our oceans and pose a threat to fish and aquatic life. Glitter is part of this category and poses a particular danger as fish and birds can mistake it for plankton and ingest it in large quantities. The glitter's sharp edges can cause internal damage to fish and birds or lead to starvation when it accumulates in their system. Unfortunately, even if the animals survive, the glitter can end up on our own plates as it can become part of the food chain.


Another form of microplastics are microbeads found in some makeup and skin care products. Although they have already been banned in detergents due to their harmful effects on the environment, they are still allowed in cosmetic products.


Silicones, used to give skin care products a smooth texture, are also an ingredient we avoid. Silicones are virtually impossible to break down within a reasonable time horizon and therefore accumulate in our marine environment and watercourses. Fish and marine life can be exposed to these ingredients, which in the worst case scenario can lead to serious injury or death.


Teflon, also known as PFOA, is found in many cosmetic products, although it does not break down and therefore does not belong in our marine environment, our water supply or our bodies.


Another harmful ingredient is oxybenzone, found in some chemical sunscreens. Oxybenzone is a threat to our coral reefs as it makes them more vulnerable to bleaching and causes long-term damage to these vital and irreplaceable ecosystems. Oxybenzone enters our oceans through people bathing, as well as through our sewage systems.

In addition to these ingredients, we also avoid substances such as EDTA, PFA and PFC, which accumulate in the environment and can cause harm to fish, animals and marine life.

Hazardous chemicals

We are also aware of dangerous chemicals used in the production of certain ingredients. Many of these ingredients are grown with genetically modified organisms or require the use of heavy pesticides and insecticides. These chemicals can degrade the soil, pollute streams and cause harm to both animals, marine life, humans and various types of plants.

Water consumption

Finally, water consumption is also an important factor to take into account. Some natural ingredients require large amounts of fresh water for production. In order to preserve our precious natural resources, it is crucial that we choose water-efficient ingredients that do not waste water.

Easily biodegradable ingredients

By focusing on choosing easily biodegradable ingredients and avoiding harmful substances, we can take responsibility for our natural aquatic environment and preserve its beauty and vitality. As consumers, we also have the power to choose skin care products that are kind to our planet. By supporting companies that prioritize Blue Beauty and sustainability, together we can contribute to preserving our natural water environment and ensure a cleaner and healthier future for us all.

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