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Article: A conversation about sustainability and morning routines

En samtale om bæredygtighed og morgenrutiner

A conversation about sustainability and morning routines

Spirit talks

In this episode of Spirit Talks, Brit and I talk about sustainability and other deep topics.

And my model "choose your sustainability cap", which is mentioned several times, is meant as a model for action and to overcome (some) paralysis of action and criticism.

And the whole motive is this "equation" which I have pieced together after many conversations, observations and observations:

Confusion + worry = action paralysis + criticism

The basis of the model is that we must focus. Today, many people have a very superficial knowledge of several sustainable areas. And that adds to the confusion and worry. And neither present nor future generations can use it for anything. So we need to focus and dive deeper. And remember that it is not greenwashing to do anything, without doing everything because it is impossible to work with all the world's imbalances and it is even more impossible to solve them on your own.

The model in steps:

  • select a cap/match/region
  • Familiarize yourself with the area, read reliable material and listen to professionals
  • Start acting in that direction
  • Share your knowledge with all those who will listen to you
  • Be proud of your choice and spread the idea of ​​focus
  • When you're ready, put on another cap

      Daya Ayurveda

      Choose your sustainability cap

      You are welcome to listen to us - follow the link here

      And do you want to know more about Brit and her Ayurvedic work:

      Daya Ayurveda



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