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Article: 2.2 TOC and organic farming

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2.2 TOC and organic farming

What does TOC do?

We, The Organic Company, believe that organic farming is the future, a must, and that conventional farming is destructive and should be banned. So we have to deal with the downside; smaller field production.

To deal with lower field yields, we highlight 3 areas of solutions/behavioral changes:

We at The Organic Company work with a "less and better" strategy that understands good quality, good functionality, no fast fashion or popular colors and alternatives to disposable items. This is what we would like to see as a more mainstream business. In general, we need to realize that many disposable products use the same amount of raw materials as recyclable materials, which makes the switch (from disposable to reusable) an important step towards a much better resource management.

Perhaps at some point our generations will be called the "disposable generations" or the "waste generations".

In the food industry from harvest to retail level (not included!) 14% of all food is waste. This number becomes larger when the entire supply chain is included and is an area we need to improve. Did you know that around 1.4 million bananas are thrown away every day in the UK?

References: Organic Authority, New Food Magazine, Science Daily.

Finally, we all have to look at developments. Over the years, organic farming has improved production with environmentally friendly methods. This means that it has stopped violating the earth.

To emphasize the conventional and thus critical behavior, a UN report recently came out with a devastating message: We are seeing the extinction of up to 1 million species, and the total biomass has shrunk by 82%. This has especially happened in recent decades.

In addition to the above, GOTS certified organic cotton production has lower water consumption and less CO2 emissions compared to conventional cotton farming.

You can read more about that and GOTS in other features: Soil Association, The Food and Agriculture Organisation, Britannica, The Guardian, The Food and Agriculture Organisation, Soil Association - Myth busters.


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