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Article: 3.2 More about GOTS

Ecological cotton
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3.2 More about GOTS

GOT's mission: Our vision is that organic textiles become an essential part of everyday life, which will strengthen people's lives and the environment.

GOTS consists of four reputable member organisations, namely OTA (USA), IVN (Germany), Soil Association (UK) and JOCA (Japan), which contribute to GOTS, together with additional international stakeholder organizations and experts, their respective expertise in organic farming and environmentally and socially responsible textile processing.

GOTS started in 2006 and the recognizable white T-shirt with a green background was launched in 2008. In 2010, a public database containing GOTS certified devices and their product groups is introduced on the relaunched website.

The Organic Company was GOTS certified in 2010.

As of January 2020, there are more than 7,700 certified facilities reported under GOTS (a 35% growth from 2018) and over 3.10 million workers covered by the standard.

GOTS video: .


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Ecological cotton
TOC Academy

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