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Article: Change - step by step

Repair the future with reusables, certified organic cotton and repairing and mending

Change - step by step


Repair the Future, one small step at a time, is a knowledge sharing journey, for everyone who wants to contribute. Together we will turn our knowledge into actions and see real progress and positive change. Think of it this way: what we and earlier generations have destroyed in the past 70 years, we have to address, change and repair now and for the next 20 years. A lot of it is about finding slightly different ways of doing everyday things and slowly out-phase bad habits that have just been there since you can remember.

Rome was not built in a day. This is an ongoing journey; everything can't and shouldn't be perfect. That is why everyone can join this journey as long as they feel like wanting to make even a tiny difference.

It starts with 3 focus areas

We see that these 3 focus areas make a positive difference for our planet's balance🌏

We believe that the single-use culture should be challenged
Next to the climate crisis we have overconsumption which is tearing at our planet's natural resources.
Earth Overshoot Day was in July last year, and it marks the day where humans have used all of the natural resources available for planet Earth to regenerate for that year, meaning that we use 1.7 planets a year. This is not sustainable.
That is why we have dedicated a whole category to reusable alternatives - which are long lasting and can be used again and again opposite to single-use items.
Reusable products can replace a long list of single-use products in your kitchen, bathroom and grocery shopping routine. Some examples of replacements are paper towels, paper napkins and plastic bags.
Beside replacing single-use products with reusables you can also reuse and repurpose many of your other daily things eg your food jars, old clothes, sheets and things.
What is the first reusable change you will make?

Repairing is a simple way to create change

The last stitch is made. Now your blouse or kitchen cloth is fixed and ready to be used for longer - and you don't need to spend time buying a replacement.

Our circular repair events with Fashion Revolution Denmark was delightful because the energy when repairing and mending one's loved clothes and textiles was buzzing in the room. The energy was good and we had some great talks about the positive impact repairs can have seen in perspective.

Our resource principles are easy and the first encourages everyone to reuse things they already have. This is linked to our first value to challenge single-use items.

We will explore the benefits of repairing and mending together in our future repair events. You do not need to have knowledge or the tools to start - only the curiosity and interest to be doing something meaningful, beautiful and useful. We will take care of the rest and serve a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Keep an eye out for upcoming repair events - follow us on Instagram

GOTS certification

All of our products are made of GOTS certified organic cotton because this is a far more responsible way of producing cotton compared to conventional.

The GOTS certification is your guarantee that the production is 100% organic and free from harsh chemicals – all the way through the supply chain.

The GOTS standard is the only organic certification for natural fibers including cotton that is based on inspections and laboratory tests. We believe this is the only way forward.

Why is ecology important?

The benefits of eating organic and on organic farming are often talked about, but still organic farming is only a minority. This can be changed and it starts with choosing certified organic foods and textiles.

Organic and ecological methods are important because that means that there are no pesticides. Pesticides are harmful, they kill animals and ruin the natural nutrients in the soil.

They pollute our groundwater and stay in our crops. Oak in the tomatoes you buy at the supermarket and in the clothes and towels you use to dry your skin with.

Can we accept that? No. And we will not accept it for our sake, the planet's sake and for the future.


We will share stories from passionate people. You can nominate one that has inspired you to make small everyday changes - email name and a short description to

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