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Article: Guide: Mending & Embroidery

Mending og reparere

Guide: Mending & Embroidery

Meaning and repairs

Do you love to be creative? And do you take good care of your favorite textiles?

Then mending is a fantastic option. If you repair your belongings, you save resources because you extend the life of your things and thus avoid buying a new thing.

You can basically repair all your textiles, from socks, shirts, trousers, kitchen textiles, interior textiles etc. It's quite nice when you get started.

We are dedicated to helping and inspiring people to fix their things even more than now. For some it is not easy to get started, and precisely for this reason, we regularly hold 'Mending Nights'. But we don't stop there, we have also developed a ' Mending Kit ' and a ' Mending Tool Kit ', where there is a needle, thread etc. If you already have a needle and thread at home, you can get started right away. If you don't have anything, you can also ask family or friends if they have extra that you can borrow or get.

There are many exciting and beautiful ways to repair your things within 'visible mending' - and in Danish visible repair. When you work with visible mending, you are doing the opposite of hiding your repair, you are actually highlighting your repair and adding something unique to your item. There is something beautiful about showing others that you take care of and repair your things. This is a counter movement to the buy and throw away culture that exists.

We have selected some inspiration to get you started

Meaning with note:

Advanced Embroidery/Repair:

Embroidery step by step

Beginner: Embroidery step-by-step

Meaning Kit

Mending Kit and Mending Tool Kit

Embroidery and personalization

Embroidery is a great way to express creativity and it can be a good break for body and mind to create something manual and beautiful with your hands.

Embroidery has been around for centuries and it has become popular again. We would like to inspire you to make some personal embroideries on your own parts. It can be, for example, on some reusable gift wrapping, or it can be on your bags or other nice or practical things.

To get started, you can use embroidery floss if you have it. Otherwise, you can start with some thick thread - and lay it double, which makes it easier to see.

If you have been inspired to start personalizing your things and make them even nicer than they already are, watch the inspirational videos below.

Selected embroidery inspiration

Get started with simple embroidery techniques:

Embroidery inspiration

Embroidery that is personified - here on a Food Bag

Embroidery stitch

Examples of embroidery stitches 1. Back stitch 2. Stitch stitch 3. Cross stitch 4. Star stitch 5. French knots

Embroidery ring

Tip: Use an embroidery hoop to keep the fabric stretched out as you create.

We want to see and share your creations, so please tag us with #TheOrganicCompany.

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