I see a world out of balance...

It sounds pessimistic, I know, however we have to face the real problems out there. Next to climate change, we have over-consumption which is out of control, we see extinction of a vast amount of insects and animals, and we leave behind polluted soil whilst taking over more and more untouched land.

I believe in solutions as well as people's ability to change the status quo
The key to the solution is knowledge. My experience is, once people are enlightened about the state we’re in and the solutions to do better, they’ll change their behaviour. Sometimes even immediately. Most people are good and do not want to do harm. That’s my belief.

So! People need to know the facts (more than just headlines) as well as knowing the solutions topic by topic. I believe in using reliable sources and when presenting knowledge, it should be fact oriented and solutions have to be practical and easy to access for everyone.

So back to where I started; sharing knowledge is essential for changing the future for the better. Due to this and its great energy, I hold classes every year with various schools, I give speeches and always share my knowledge with other companies that want to do better.

And I am so grateful for everyone that has joined the sustainable path. Since I started The Organic Company back in 2007, a lot of initiatives have been developed and now I witness an amazing scenery full of sustainable actions everywhere.