How to reverse a deep rooted throw away culture (ENG)

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– Written by Maja Lidegaard, A dedicated writer for The Organic Company.

With a deep rooted knowledge that good business equals responsible business, The Organic Company strive to be a role model for other companies, so more will follow the same road towards responsible business behavior, where profit and sustainability goes hand in hand. And before it all sounds a little too self-righteous – we outline that business is business. As all other companies we need to make a profit in order to exist.

CEO Joy Vasiljev outlines that as a designer you should always take a deep look into the market and investigate what is missing. You should never produce something just for the sake of you, but fill out a missing gap. It is easy to be swept away by new trends and colors, but it will only last for a season or two. If a product is to have a long lifetime, it needs to feel great and be in high quality otherwise you won’t feel passionate about it for very long, and after a short while you will go looking for a replacement or simply throw it away. A great way to buy responsible is to avoid impulse purchases where you buy a product simply because it’s cheap or momentarily fun.

“Buy buy says the sign in the shop window – why why says the junk in the yard”

Junk by Poul McCartney, 1970.

Another way to buy responsible is to learn about the different labels that tells whether the product has been produced responsible or not. When it comes to textiles, you should always look for labels as GOTS. If a textile is labeled with GOTS, the label tells you that the product is organic, without bad chemicals and that the workers have had a safe and decent work environment.

A third way to buy responsible is to purchase quality items because you are more likely to repair it if it breaks. With a repair and reuse mindset, you save the environment for the environmental burden that every production of a new product has on its surroundings. A carefully selected quality item will make you more likely to take care of it and keep it for many years to come.

The above model, Cradle to Cradle, shows how a purchase of a quality product creates a long lifespan.

As everyone in the 21st Century are front row eyewitnesses to extreme weather situations that unfolds right in front of us, it has never been more important to get rid of the existing throw away culture that is currently ruining our planet. In the end – the truth is that the consumer has the last word in deciding what is acceptable, and the behavior of many large corporations will only change if you demand it. It’s a heavy task to change a cultural mindset where success equals the possession of goods, but it is a challenge that is worth taking – because if we continue our old buying habits, it will have negative consequences in our nearby future. Therefore, every step towards decluttering, upgrading and simplifying is a step in the right direction. Buy better – buy less.

About Joy

Joy founded The Organic Company back in 2007 as she wanted to combine organic values with design and high quality. Joy believes in a strong relationship with her customers and her daily goal is to have a good day with fun and new knowledge

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