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New logo


Time is changing, the world is changing and we have evolved as a company and business.

We needed a contemporary logo and a tagline that we could identify ourselves with. And we needed a logo that visually stood up to like-wise brands.
Thus, we are proud to present the new us, developed in collaboration with the graphic design agency JE:SU

Because …


We now have a primary logo (our name) and a secondary tagline (It matters). They can be used together or as self-contained elements.
However, the tagline should always be used as a supplement to the primary logo.

The tagline can also be used on its own, but there must never be a doubt of which one is our primary logo.


Example of the tagline used as a supplement to the primary logo.


If the primary logo and the tagline are used on the same page, the tagline must be scaled so “IT MATTERS” reaches the same height as “COMPANY”.
See example here


♦ Logo and tagline must always be centre-aligned.

♦ Logo and tagline can be downloaded from our image bank

♦ Contact for any questions

About Mette

By education Mette is a photographer and a graphic designer and a self-taught web developer. She loves to work things out and put more visuals into the world. Mette is responsible for the communications at The Organic Company ★

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