Fabric everyday napkins (4 pack) - Dusty Lavender

175 kr

Every time you use this reusable napkin instead of paper towel, you save a small piece of wood. In fact, on average, a whole tree is used for only 1000-2000 paper towels. And since we use millions worldwide, there is enormous potential to BOTH leave some of these trees in the ground AND elevate the joy of recycling.

"Lift the joy"? Yes, our small napkin is soft, fine, highly absorbent and equipped with a small strap for cutlery, chopsticks or fallen flowers. So a little feel good or upgrade of and in everyday life.

And it is small in size, both because it is designed to match a piece of paper towel, has very high suction power and because it does not have to take up so much space in the washing machine.

It comes in many colors - and this can be advantageously used for different dishes (khaki for curry dishes, etc.) or 1 color for 1 person or simply as an input for beautiful table settings.

The time has come to change lanes and here you have a nice alternative that makes it easier and more beautiful.

The everyday napkins are woven in the fine herringbone weave, 100% organic and come in a pack of 4.

It is one of Joy's, our founder's, favorite products and a product she is particularly proud of having developed.

Dimensions: approx. 20 x 20 cm. May vary slightly from color to color.

Stretched into shape after washing before hanging. Tumble drying does nothing good for the little napkin or for anything else :)

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