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Commercial Director
+45 2311 0204

We deliver

✓ GOTS certified organic cotton – our license number DK 21797.
✓ Design high-quality products. Long lasting. Anti-fashion.
✓ Customer service from a dedicated team.
✓ Co-branding products.
✓ If you want your logo on our products from stock, we can send the order to a print house of your choice.
✓ Value-based concept – you get the full package; products, authenticity and knowledge.

You prepare

✓ Is there a match between your brand and The Organic Company?
✓ How will the product contribute to your company?
✓ If you want a logo on your product, where should it be placed?

General terms

✓ Freight is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
✓ Advance payment can be expected.

what customers say...

We turned to The Organic Company to help us design and produce Beauty Avenue's "The Perfect Brand". We both share our passion and proven commitment to sustainability. We are grateful for the expertise they provided to us in the process, and their flexibility in terms of production. We cannot wait to develop more innovative products with them.
Maria Andersen, Naughty Alchemist

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