Great functionality, cool design and organic cotton are the foundations of The Organic Company.


At The Organic Company, we work with organic cotton because it matters! We do thorough design because we believe in less-but-better living and consumption.

Honesty, transparency and an ambitious desire to make a difference are a solid foundation for the company, founded by entrepreneur Joy Vasiljev in 2007.

Since then, the company has developed a large collection of organic textiles for the home, which includes textiles for the bath, kitchen, travel and meditation. The products are designed by us, The Organic Company and, from time to time, designed together with selected Danish designers.

All products are made from organic cotton and certified with the international organic standard GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This standard focuses on 2 main areas; environmental and social responsibility and guarantees that all materials are free of toxins and heavy metals and that the rights of international workers are respected.


“I see a world out of balance. We need to face the real problems out there. Next to climate change, we have out-of-control overconsumption, we have the extinction of a huge amount of insects and animals, we leave behind polluted land and
taking over more and more untouched land.”

It all started for Joy Vasiljev with a lot of questions. Why is it so difficult to find textiles that combine good design with organic materials?

In 2007, The Organic Company was established with the clear mission of proving that a responsible company is good business.

It was not an easy start. The world simply wasn't ready. And people were ignorant of the extremely dirty cotton industry. Now, 15 years later, The Organic Company produces more than 200 different products and exports to more than 26 countries.

Today, Joy is an important voice in the debate about organic living, the environment and sustainability. She teaches and gives speeches to open people's eyes to the fact that there are different and better ways of doing things.

Good intentions are not enough. Change requires action.


2020 Partnership with Hege Borgersen Faber
Hege Borgersen Faber joins The Organic Company as a new partner, co-owner and commercial director.

2018 New address
The Organic Company is moving to larger facilities in the vibrant Nørrebro area of ​​Copenhagen.

2017 Partnership with Peter Midtgaard
Peter Midtgaard joins The Organic Company as a new partner and co-owner who participates in the company's strategic decisions.

2014 Partnership with Rikke Bitsch-Nørhave
Rikke Bitsch-Nørhave joins as a new partner, co-owner and commercial director and participates in the day-to-day management.

2010 Joy wins the IDEALIST OF THE YEAR award
Chosen by IVÆKST for gracefully combining business life and social responsibility.

2010 The Organic Company becomes GOTS certified.

2007 The beginning of The Organic Company
Joy is leaving the oil trading field at AP Møller/Mærsk A/S to start The Organic Company.


Our products are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Organic cotton is a natural, reusable and biodegradable fiber. The organic process benefits cotton producers and the environment in developing countries by avoiding the harmful effects of toxic pesticides, and the reduced production costs improve social conditions.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world's leading textile process standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, supported by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

The purpose of the standard is to define recognized requirements throughout the world that ensure the ecological status of textiles, from harvesting raw materials to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labeling to provide credible security for the final consumer.

We are also B Corp certified

VIDEO: A talk about sustainability and organic cotton with Joy Vasiljev [in DANISH].

VIDEO: Things you can do to become a more sustainable workplace/company [in DANISH].