The Organic Company Everyday Napkin Herringbone 225 ClayThe Organic Company Everyday Napkin Herringbone 225 Clay

The Organic Company

Fabric everyday napkins (4 pack) - Clay

175 kr
The Organic Company Dinner Napkins Herringbone 225 ClayThe Organic Company Dinner Napkins Herringbone 225 Clay

The Organic Company

Fabric dinner napkins (4 pack) - Clay

195 kr
The Organic Company ZERO Waste Basic Kit Miscellaneous 954 Classic Set Color MixThe Organic Company ZERO Waste Basic Kit Miscellaneous 954 Classic Set Color Mix

The Organic Company

Reusable basic set - Classic Set Color

320 kr

Replace paper towels and disposable napkins with cloth napkins

Welcome to The Organic Company's range of cloth napkins. Our reusable napkins are not just an environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels and disposable napkins; they are part of a larger vision to change our daily habits for the benefit of the planet.

Our cloth napkins are designed to replace the need for paper towels and disposable napkins, and we hope you'll join us on the journey. Did you know, for example, that 1000-2000 paper towels go on a single tree? Every time you use a piece of paper towel, you use a small piece of wood and we believe that the trees should stand (and absorb CO2 and be a home for birds) instead of being used for a few seconds by millions of people every day. We have taken it upon ourselves to change this practice. By choosing our reusable cloth napkins, you become part of a positive environmental change.

Experience the joy of Reusable Napkins

Using our reusable wipes is not only an environmentally friendly act; it is also a better and more pleasant experience. Our cloth napkins are designed so that they have a cute, nice and good size that is perfect for everyday use. But they are not only beautiful; they are also functional. With a practical strap for chopsticks or cutlery, our cloth napkins add an element of functionality and style to your table. This feature makes it easy to arrange the table in an inviting and organized manner, enhancing the overall dining experience for you and your guests. The everyday napkin can also be used as a small cover napkin a la Japan. For a cake get together or a light lunch.

In addition, our cloth napkins are deliberately designed small so that they take up very little space in the washing machine. This way of thinking helps you save water and energy.

Aesthetic design and 100% organic cotton

At the heart of our fabric napkins lies a deep understanding of both aesthetics and consideration for the environment. Our napkins are made from 100% organic cotton, which ensures a soft and luxurious feel. This use of organic cotton is not only a choice for the environment; it is also a choice for quality and comfort. Organic cotton is known for its durability and softness, which means that our napkins will last for many years to come.

The design of our cloth napkins reflects a modern and minimalist approach that fits into any home. With clean lines and a simple yet elegant weave pattern, our napkins offer a subtle yet striking presence on your dining table. This combination of natural materials and aesthetic design makes our napkins a must-have if you want modern luxury and environmentally conscious products.

In addition, they come in a multitude of colors. And there is a meaning to that. For example, each person can have their own color or you use the reddish/dark ones when tomato soup or pasta dishes are served and the khaki colored ones for curry dishes and the light ones for the morning bun with cheese. Many also choose to cover up with different colors.

Please note that the different colors may have slightly different sizes. Can be advantageously stretched into shape after washing.

Buy online and combine with other products

When you shop online at The Organic Company, you can easily combine our different products. All our products are designed to complement each other, giving you the freedom to create a cohesive and stylish design in your home.

You can combine our reusable cloth napkins with other kitchen and dining table articles such as our organic dishcloths ,organic kitchen towels and tea towels .

If you should have any questions in connection with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Our skilled staff is always ready to help.

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