The Organic Company Pencil Case Heavy canvas 502 Rei - dark blueThe Organic Company Pencil Case Heavy canvas 502 Rei - dark blue

The Organic Company

Fabric pencil case - Rei - Dark blue

145 kr
The Organic Company Pencil Case Heavy canvas 227 Murakami - clayThe Organic Company Pencil Case Heavy canvas 227 Murakami - clay

The Organic Company

Fabric pencil case - Murakami - Clay

145 kr

Minimalist fabric pencil cases

In a world that is constantly moving faster and where digitization takes up more and more space, The Organic Company invites you to take a step back and enjoy the simple and the tangible. Our minimalist fabric pencil cases are a tribute to slowness and the authentic, designed to bring a sense of calm and focus back into your everyday life. Made from the finest organic cotton, these pencil cases speak to a time when quality and durability were paramount, and when a pencil case was not just a tool, but a companion throughout life.

Nice design in organic cotton

Every detail of our fabric pencil cases is carefully considered, from the material chosen to the way they are constructed. By using organic cotton, we not only ensure that each pencil case is environmentally friendly, but also that it has a robustness and a texture that only improves with time. The organic cotton provides a soft but strong surface that protects your writing instruments, while at the same time contributing to a more environmentally friendly everyday life.

Old-fashioned classic canvas pencil case

Our pencil cases are a modern interpretation of the classic canvas pencil case, with a design that speaks to those who yearn for a connection to the tangible in an increasingly digital world. This pencil case is not just a practical item; it's a reminder of the value of slowness and of appreciating the little things in life. With ample space for pencils, pens and other accessories, it is designed to be both spacious and organized, making it the perfect tool for creative souls and professionals.

Lasts a lifetime

Unlike mass-produced alternatives, our fabric pencil cases are built to last a lifetime. The robust construction and the timeless design ensure that your pencil case will not only be part of your daily routine today, but also for many years to come. It is an investment in quality and durability that reflects a deeper appreciation of well-considered and environmentally friendly products.

An ideal pencil case for both adults and children

Our fabric pencil cases are designed to appeal to both adults and children who appreciate quality and aesthetics. For adults, they represent a return to the tangible and a break from the digital, while for children they offer a durable and reliable solution that can withstand daily use of digital devices and stimulate their creativity.

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