Reusable pads for your beauty routine

Welcome to a world where beauty and sustainability go hand in hand. At The Organic Company, we are proud to present our selection of reusable pads that are not only gentle on your skin but also on our beloved planet. Our mission is to unite aesthetics, comfort and environmental awareness in products that you will love to use every day. That is why, among other things, we have developed our beloved organic fabric rondelle.

Why choose reusable rondels?

Our reusable organic cotton pads are just like classic cotton pads produced from cotton, but you can enjoy ours for several years. Our reusable rondels represent more than just an alternative to disposable products; they symbolize an investment in a future where we use less disposables and generally make small good choices every day.. As the rondels are produced from leftovers from our towel series, it is the waffle tissue you will experience. Some just have to get used to it, others buy into it right away. Applicable to the vast majority, is that the joy of using again and again is very great. The small sustainable choice in everyday life can do something!

How to use your reusable rondelle

Our reusable pads are designed to be an easy and natural part of your daily beauty routine. Whether you're using them to remove makeup, apply toner, or simply refresh your skin, each pad is designed to deliver optimal performance without compromise, and they're as effective as they are gentle on the skin. The fine, organic cotton ensures a luxurious and gentle experience with every touch, and the high absorbency makes them ideal for effectively applying liquid products, while at the same time minimizing waste. And when you're done? Just wash them and they are ready to pamper your skin again. Our rondels retain their shape and softness, even after countless washes. It's not just a roundabout; it's a daily feel-good routine that supports your skin and our planet, as we minimize resources, every single day.

Buy them at The Organic Company

If you, like all our satisfied customers, feel ready to take the next step and experience the difference with The Organic Company's reusable rondels, then we are ready to help you through your purchase. We look forward to welcoming you to our universe of organic and reusable everyday products, and thank you for helping to create a more sustainable future. If you want a complementary product for your organic cloth pads, we recommend that you take a closer look at our organic washcloths , as a great addition to your sustainable skin care routine.

Extra info

Our cotton pads are 100% plastic-free and certified according to the strict GOTS certification. GOTS is our and your guarantee that the product is actually clean and free of harmful chemicals and that it is produced with respect for the people who have grown and processed the organic cotton.

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