I see a world out of balance...

It sounds pessimistic, I know. But we have to face the real problems that exist out there. Along with climate change, we have overconsumption that is out of control, we are seeing the extinction of a huge amount of insects and animals, and we are leaving contaminated land behind as we take over more and more pristine land.

I believe in solutions as well as people's ability to change the status quo
The key to the solution is knowledge. My experience is that when people are informed about the state we are in and the solutions that exist to make it better, they will change their behavior. Even sometimes immediately. Most people are good and do not want to do harm. That's what I believe.

So! People need to know the facts (more than just headlines) as well as to know the solutions from topic to topic. I believe that you can use reliable sources, and when presenting knowledge, it must be fact-based, and the solutions must be practical and easy to access for everyone.

If we go back to where I started; sharing one's knowledge is essential to changing the future for the better. Because of this and its great energy, I hold lessons every year with different schools, I give speeches and always share my knowledge with other companies that want to do better.

And I am so grateful to everyone who has joined the responsible path. Since I started The Organic Company back in 2007, a lot of positive initiatives have been developed.