At The Organic Company, we must act responsibly and in accordance with mother nature. It is something we have to do, and something that we ourselves have chosen. It's in our DNA. All new products must either solve a problem, fulfill a need or improve a category.

We have evidence that our design principles are taking us in the right direction: winning best in tests more than once, customer feedback telling us that our towels are their favorite and still highly sought after many years, and many companies , seeking advice on our business model.

Smaller and better

We believe in the "less is better concept" for a reason; humanity's resource consumption every year (since 1970) exceeds the Earth's ability to regenerate these resources per year. In 2019, we required the equivalent of 1.7 planets to satisfy our consumption.

It requires a major change. And yet we all want to produce, design and acquire new things. So! Narrowed; It is a question of changing the way we produce and to what extent.

We believe that everyone needs to take a step in the right direction. Governments, companies and individuals. In other words, governments need to make alternative policies in line with nature, businesses should act beyond the bottom line numbers, and individuals can rethink buying less and better, while reusing and repairing what they already have.

Our responsibility
- To be 100% organic.
- All our packaging must be made from 100% recyclable material.
- We must make reusable products, designed to replace disposable items.
- We must make functional, quality products for last year.
- We must adhere to our design principles: All new products must either solve a problem, meet a need or elevate a category.

Our design principles
Example: Our wrap towels.
When designing this piece, Lone Kjær Rasmussen and Joy Vasiljev did not start the process with colors or fabric; the starting point was to solve a problem. How do you keep towels wrapped around you? Lone and Joy designed the ribbon with loops to solve this problem, you will be able to find this feature on many of our other products as well. (And rumor has it that many awkward situations have been avoided since the introduction of this feature!)

Example: Absorbent tea towels
Let's face it, too many kitchen towels on the market can't absorb or can have poor absorbency and need to be soaked for days before use. Our kitchen towels are highly absorbent and can be used immediately. Our tea towels were launched in 2009 and were perhaps the first tea towels that were truly organic and absorbent. Today, nothing has changed, it is the same size, the same quality and it is made of the same fabric.

Example: Kitchen cloth - long-lasting and free of plastic
A few years ago, people started noticing that the most common tea towels contained plastic. We saw an opportunity and Joy developed "the perfect tea towel"; a quality tea towel, free of plastic, long-lasting and made of organic cotton.

Example: Our 6-layer carpet.
We saw a lot of lovely rugs on the market, but none made from pure organic cotton while being truly luxurious at the same time. So Joy designed a rug with 6 layers of soft organic cotton. It is big enough to hug you and keep you warm with a very exclusive expression without being bloated.

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