Or not.

It is the same me - with the same ability to choose. Just like I do every day all year.

But somehow, this year is different from last year.

Is it a perspective?

Based on the experiences of 2020, we now have a perspective on what is really important.

Good health, social relationships, exploration and growth are not a given.

It must be appreciated.

Just as a planet in balance is not a given. It must be valued, nurtured and taken care of.

Of all of us.

You can make a difference. For example, by using less and better.

Napkins instead of towels

Think of all the times you've used a paper napkin or towel. If you replace them with a reusable napkin, you are one big step closer to a zero-waste lifestyle. It is easy to use and throw in with the rest of your laundry after use.

Organic and/or reusable sanitary pads

In the UK alone, a woman uses over 11,000 disposable menstrual products based on the 37.5 years of menstruation . Imagine the waste on a global scale! And more importantly, imagine the positive change that is within reach if you just buy less and better products. There are so many options, for example reusable pads 100% plastic-free , menstrual cups, menstrual panties, fabric tampons, etc.

Organic cotton cloths instead of using wet wipes

Instead of disposable wet wipes full of plastic, it is a better choice to use a regular cloth made of organic cotton. It is absorbent, soft and easy to use - repeatedly.

Organic tights instead of nylon tights

Tights are "disposable plastic" in the fashion industry. And sometimes you only need to wear them once before they get damaged and thrown away due to their limited lifespan. Next, they are non-biodegradable because they are made of nylon. Fortunately, it is possible to buy durable and more environmentally friendly tights.

Face masks

They are everywhere. You will find them thrown on the street, in parks and even when you are out hiking in nature. They cause a huge amount of waste globally. Therefore, you should choose an environmentally friendly reusable mask instead. Or maybe make one yourself?

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