One summer day in 2002, my mind opened to an inner journey. A journey that has continued ever since. I signed up for a Yoga summer course. With yoga, breathing exercises and meditation. And for the first time I could really feel myself. My body, my mind, my ego. I could feel a relaxed and contented feeling. Suddenly I noticed little things and a sense of inner peace. I was present. And it felt so good.

I enjoy life instead of being trapped in the past or the future
It is special and precious to me. And I am very grateful to have been introduced to inner tools like these. I enjoy life instead of being trapped in the past or the future. It's also hard sometimes because I immediately feel when I'm not in balance or present and I have to deal with that at the same time as what is already there. :)

It is the opposite of 20 years ago. I had different priorities then. Now the most luxurious things in my life are silence with meditation almost from dawn to dusk, vegan food and reuniting with nature. Oh, I love it. Honestly, I would have laughed out loud if someone predicted this about me 20 years ago.

Today it is like saving and purifying one's mind and body. And it's a really good gift (although it's actually hard work to let go, be silent for days and no entertainment at all).

So I believe that everything is connected, with an energy and the freedom and strength of being present.

And the reason the yoga lifestyle is my answer is because it is based on these 5 elements that make sense to me:

  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • exercise (yoga)
  • Food (healthy and fresh. No meat, no coffee, no alcohol and the like)
  • Thinking (general life advice, such as "the present is inevitable")

The 5 elements together make you balanced. I can sign it. But I am not a fanatic or a slave to a schedule. So I kind of feel that the above tools are available and to some extent incorporated into my life. So I enjoy being present - while drinking a glass of wine.

The above tools are free of religion and the like. I also appreciate the freedom in these aspects.

I wanted to introduce and improve well-being in The Organic Company, and therefore I took lessons in mindfulness, as a meditation guide, so now I have learned how to communicate and pass on the good feeling.

In TOC we meditate every week. For those who might think so. It's optional :)