Deep ecology takes a holistic view of the world in which humans, nature and animals live. The basic idea is that the separate parts of the ecosystem such as humans, animals, insects and natural functioning are seen through deep ecology thinking.
Humanity is an integral part of the environment, and we play a big role with all our contemporary knowledge. Deep ecology philosophy - or "Ecosophy" philosophy - has had a major impact on the green movement and green political parties around the world.

The Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess is the man behind the term "Deep Ecology".

"Deep ecology and ecology believe that the science of ecology shows that ecosystems can only absorb limited changes by humans or other dissonant impacts. Furthermore, both believe that the actions of modern civilization threaten global ecological well-being".

Ecology 2.0 is therefore a balance between people and nature and respect for the earth's natural resources. It is the deep ecological thinking that has the long-lasting effect.

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