Our plastic bags are all made from recycled plastic

Why is it important?

Because although plastic is a great material, we have far too much of it in this world. So the least we can do is recycle it. We actually think that all packaging should be made from recycled plastic (preferably previous packaging, fishing nets or similar). Huge difference.

Why do we actually use plastic? Because it fits the goods. If there was no plastic or similar around the product, they would from time to time get damaged by moisture and dirt - and this costs depreciation and is a huge waste of materials. Therefore, it is about taking care of the goods. And here recycled plastic is good. More of it.

Some would ask "how do you know it's recycled plastic?". We check certifications AND get it tested. Same approach as our raw materials, production and working conditions. Everything is checked. Right here, control gives confidence that the product is as described. There is a difference.
Test result. Plastic bag. Recycled plastic. Proof.